Wear Your White

image1 (1)image2image4I’m always surprised when I hear people arguing about the old “No White After Labor Day” rule. Is that still a thing? I love my white jeans, and would be sad if they had to spend 9 months of the year hanging in my closet.

I love how the colors in this cape stand out against the white, but I’m equally enamored by pairing white with blush and neutral tones. I’ve not yet tried the all white look (a la P. Diddy), but winter white from head to toe is super chic in my book.

These jeans are Articles of Society from Nordstrom.  This was my first time buying this brand, and I’m impressed. They come in at a great price point and a quality fabric that’s not see-though. They stretch out pretty quickly, so I’d recommend sizing down.

Promptly after these photos were taken I spilled a latte down the front of my jeans, so I’ll be ordering another pair. Maybe that’s why they say no white in winter?

Shop the look here.

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