Monday Must Haves – Beauty Edition

One of the things I love about traveling with friends is trying their beauty products. I have no shame in my game, and will ask to sample their stuff! Which is also why I’m a sucker for the check-out counter at Sephora.  Give me all the over-priced trial sizes!

I’d much rather try a small size of something or test out a friend’s product before purchasing the real deal #commitmentissues. There’s nothing worse than dropping money on a product to then discover you don’t really like it that much, and sending it to the product graveyard under your bathroom sink.

I’ve rounded up a few new beauty products that I have been loving lately.


My friend Kendall is a rep for BeautyCounter, and she gave me a sample of the Cleansing Balm when I was over drinking wine at her house last week. I love this stuff! You rub it in and can leave it on your skin while you go about your nightly routine or watch a show. Then before bed, you wipe it off and rinse, and your skin is left feeling silky soft and uber moisturized. I also tried the Brightening Face Oil while I was in Florida, and although I didn’t love the smell, I did like the glowing look it gave my skin! It was my first time trying a face oil, and it didn’t feel greasy or heavy as I would have expected.

Let’s talk about hair. I think we’re all pretty much living off dry shampoo these days. I’ve tried a ton, but this Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder worked like magic. It’s a dry shampoo and volumizer in one. As opposed to spray versions that sometimes make my hair more greasy, the powder is much more absorbent and left my hair looking refreshed!

Finally, I have been using the Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Finish Texture Spray on days I curl my hair. It’s a hairspray and texturizer (clearly I have a thing for 2-1 products). I don’t know if there’s anything super special about this, but I kid you not, two people complimented my hair on the day I used this, so that’s pretty much all the endorsement I need.

What products are you loving? Let me know!


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