Styling A Statement Piece


image1 (6)
I wore this jacket for Sunday Funday at Flying Axes! Just FYI ax throwing is way harder than it looks, but so so fun!

I recently subscribed to Rent the Runway Unlimited. This is their monthly subscription service, which allows you to order 4 pieces at a time and then swap out items all month long. I have several events coming up over the next few weeks, so I thought it would be worth it to have unlimited access to beautiful dresses. However, I had no idea RTR had such a fun collection of tops, jackets, rompers, and accessories. And no, this isn’t sponsored (#goals, though).In my last shipment, I included this floral bomber jacket. You probably know, I have an obsession with all things floral! I honestly would have purchased this item, but the sleeves were a bit short on these go-go gadget arms.


image2 (4)

image1 (7)
Bella wanted in on the photo shoot!

If I’m going to invest in something that is more of a statement piece, I like to know I can style it several different ways. This ensures that it’s worth the money and that I won’t just wear it once, and leave it hanging in my closet.  A bomber jacket is easy to throw on over jeans, a dress or athletic wear.

I’ve scouted out some similar styles at all price points!

L-R: Onzie, Romwe, Spell Designs

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